Evo boek

 What does your father look like?
and your grandfather?
and your great-great-grandfather?
and what about his father?

EVO is a book that goes back in time
and shows you the evolution of the generations
in both a personal and scientific way.

The differences between the generations
on each page are very difficult to see,
but the long, continuous ancestral line
goes right back to our very origins.




EVO now for sale € 34.90 EVO flipbook for sale € 7.50

Dutch bookstores with international shipping:

Scheltema – Bol.com – Athenaeum

now also available in the EVO shop






The exhibition of EVO is open from December to February 2015 in the Amsterdam Public Library, one of Europe’s largest Libraries with 1.8 million visitors yearly. When you enter the library, you can follow the evolution path consisting of 180 floor stickers to the exhibition.   On the 39 meter long wall you can see the […]


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