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The exhibition of EVO is open from December to February 2015 in the Amsterdam Public Library,
one of Europe’s largest Libraries with 1.8 million visitors yearly.

When you enter the library, you can follow the evolution path consisting of 180 floor
stickers to the exhibition.

tentoonstelling01   tentoonstelling02 tentoonstelling03 tentoonstelling04 tentoonstelling05

On the 39 meter long wall you can see the the illustrations of the great-grandfather
with the original illustrations in frames.

tentoonstelling06 tentoonstelling07 tentoonstelling08

Museum replica’s of the skulls of our ancestors.


Wooden grandfather figures of the illustrations from the book.

tentoonstelling10 tentoonstelling11 tentoonstelling12

The first prototype of EVO with a lasered wooden cover and index, in a wooden box.

hout tentoonstelling13

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